Youth Session

In this edition you will have the opportunity to know why the skills that project management offers are relevant whether you are starting your own business or if you are a young professional building your reputation within an organization. With interesting, fast and dynamic content, you can place yourself in one of these two groups or both, depending on your profile and enjoy the interesting sessions, as well as networking with other young people from Latin America like you.


November 18, Thursday – You will be able to access content to develop your maximum potential in the organization and positively stand out as the young professional that you are with a set of skills necessary to contribute to the strategic objectives of the organization in which you work.

November 19, Friday – If you are starting your own business or are thinking of doing it, these sessions are unmissable for you, because you will be able to learn how some tools and skills of project management can contribute to your entrepreneurship being successful and making your ideas a reality.

November 20, Saturday – Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about agile projects and hear from experts their experiences and ideas, with a plenary session on why organizations need to go far beyond being agile and how Disciplined Agile can help in this objective and then two interesting panels on the relevance of project management in startups and in the lives of young professionals who work in organizations.