Let’s change the world together! PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative is an initiative that seeks to unite agents of change in Latin America around project management.
Episode 3 of this season, CONSTRUCTION TITANS begins in…

Promociones y Descuentos

During the days of the event (Sep 8-10, 2022), all Construction Titans participants will be able to access the following promotions and discounts on PMI products.

For more information, contact us at:

  • Spanish: latam@pmi.org
  • Portuguese: brasil@pmi.org

PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative is more than a series of events...

It is an initiative of PMI – Project Management Institute – that seeks to expand the impact of the Project Management profession in our region to meet the needs of all the so-called Changemakers, through episodes that provide knowledge and skills so that everyone (from children to experienced professionals) can support in this new work ecosystem that we call Project Economy

PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative is a series of virtual events:

  • Divided into four episodes: Agility Champions, Social Heroes, CONSTRUCTION TITANS and Future Legions
  • Interactive, modern and different
  • With sessions in Spanish and Portuguese with simultaneous interpretation
  • Specially developed for Latin America

What will you find in each episode?

Focus on Industries

Each episode is focused on three industries that cover most of the economic sectors that drive the Project Economy in Latin America.

Innovative Format

Each episode uses three different formats: Short Talks (company case studies), Fishbowls (Quick talks with specialists) and Discussion Panels. Each day also has a highly recognized Keynote Speaker.

PMI Products and Services

During each episode we have specific talks about PMI products, benefits and services, as well as unique promotions so you can continue to develop your career.

Session focused on young people

Parallel to each episode, we hold an event focused on providing skills, knowledge and practice to young people in our region: children aged 8-12, adolescents, students, young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Changemakers Students 2022 comes with all this for you!

  • Short talks on projects by young professionals who are now international success stories
  • Sessions with experts on relevant topics in today’s labor context, such as organizational transformations and entrepreneurship
  • Workshops for you to learn how to apply agility to decision-making with data and also to take your first step towards being certified as a CAPM.
  • Quick and fun networking sessions for you to connect with other students from Latin America

Come and learn with us the basic concepts you need to enter the world of project management!

You will get the tools to start interacting in project teams in any industry of your interest, while you meet and interact with university students from all over Latin America.

Registration opens August 2!
*The agenda may be subject to change.


Andre Choma

Sr Manager - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brasil

Osmond Coelho Jr

Contract Director - Pré-Sal Petróleo, Brasil

Luiz Buff

Country Manager at Turner & Townsend, Brazil

Paloma Muñoz

Transport Lead Specialist - IADB, USA


Eliana León

Gerente de implementación - Frontera Energy, Colombia

Andre Choma

Sr Manager - Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brasil

Marcos Fuentes

Asesor Estratégico - Auditoria Superior de la Federación, Mexico


Capítulos de PMI en América Latina participando en este episodio