Let’s change the world together! PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative is an initiative that seeks to unite agents of change in Latin America around project management.
Episode 2 of this season, SOCIAL HEROES starts in…

PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative is more than a series of events...

It is an initiative of the PMI – Project Management Institute – that seeks to expand the impact of the Project Management profession in our region to cover the needs of all the so-called Changemakers, through episodes that provide knowledge and skills so that everyone (from children to experienced professionals) can support in this new work ecosystem that we call Project Economy

PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative is a series of virtual events:

  • Divided into four episodes: Agility Champions, Social Heroes, Construction Titans and Future Legions
  • Interactive, modern and different
  • With sessions in Spanish and Portuguese with simultaneous interpretation
  • Specially developed for Latin America

What will you find in each episode?

Focus on Industries

Each episode is focused on three industries that cover most of the economic sectors that drive the Project Economy in Latin America.

Innovative Format

Each episode uses three different formats: Short Talks (company case studies), Fishbowls (Quick talks with specialists) and Discussion Panels. Each day also has a highly recognized Keynote Speaker.

PMI Products and Services

During each episode we have specific talks about PMI products, benefits and services, as well as unique promotions so you can continue to develop your career.

Session focused on young people

Parallel to each episode, we hold an event focused on providing skills, knowledge and practice to young people in our region: children aged 8-12, adolescents, students, young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Benefits for Social Heroes attendees

For more information, contact us at:

  • Spanish: latam@pmi.org
  • Portuguese: brasil@pmi.org

*Terms and conditions in https://pmi.org/changemakers

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  • 40% off on new PMI membership + Latam Chapter

30% Discount

  • 30% off on Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification*
  • 30% off certification Certified Technician in Project Management (CAPM)®*


  • Free Latam chapter for PMI members without a chapter*
  • Online Course Basics of Disciplined Agile™
  • Kickoff
  • Up to 11 PDUs

In this second edition of Changemakers Teens, PMI and its Latin American chapters will host a fun hackathon for teens ages 13-19 from across the region, in which they must create a project proposal to develop, in their local community, a solution that contributes to one of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Quality education;
  • Gender equality;
  • Reduction of inequalities.


The hackathon will take place on Saturday, June 11th, but on June 8th and 9th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Brasília time we will have extra virtual sessions to learn about the SDGs, value proposition canvas and how to pitch effectively. This knowledge will help participants to be more prepared for the hackathon.


In addition to a certificate of participation and other prizes, winners will have the opportunity to bring their proposed project to life with support from the local PMI chapter.


Find all information about registration and the opportunity to participate in Changemakers Teens with your local PMI chapter by clicking here.


Ricardo Vargas

Ex Chairman PMI 2009 - Portugal

Alejandro Morduchowicz

Especialista Líder en Educación, BID - Mexico

Leo Martellotto

Presidente Junior Achievement, Americas

Macarena Valente

Ex-Alumna, Junior Achievement - Peru


Cristina Zubillaga

CEO, PMA - Uruguay

Carla Barros Moacho

VP Desenvolvimento Profissional - PMI Portugal

Jorge Alberto Osorio

Director de Maestria, Universidad del Bosque - Colombia

Agenda - Social HEROES

Capítulos de PMI en América Latina participando en este episodio