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What is the ``PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative``?

PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative is the regional event series of the year.

A virtual event that is:

  • An innovative, interactive, and unique experience
  • With sessions in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Free for PMI Latin America members and partner organization
  • Designed for Latin American Changemakers

What is a Changemaker? It is anyone who proactively promotes change and transformation in organizations, people, and society in general. In short, it is an individual who generates a positive impact on their environment, regardless of their position. And you, are you a changemaker?

Be part of a growing community and supercharge your professional skills in this interactive 4-episode event series. Each episode focuses on key issues, trends, and specific industries shaping the new work ecosystem we call the Project Economy.


Join PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative and let’s change the world together.


Del 6 al 8 de Mayo

Registros disponibles desde el 19 de abril


Del 22 al 24 de Julio

Changemakers Initiative regresa en Julio 2021

Construction TITANS

Del 9 al 11 de Septiembre

Changemakers Initiative regresa en Septiembre 2021


Del 18 al 20 de Noviembre

Changemakers Initiative regresa en noviembre 2021

What will you find in each episode?

3 Keynote Speakers

Experienced experts share their knowledge and insights in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

3 Industry Panels

Curated sessions to share best practices and experiences from each industry in both Spanish and Portuguese.

7 Relevant Topics

Conducted simultaneously in both languages, through a series of short meetings or fish bowls, no longer than 30 minutes.

Networking Opportunities

Join a network of changemakers (professionals, project managers, etc.) who, like you, promote change in Latin America.


Youth Session

Each episode features a parallel session that supports our global and regional strategies to enable children and youth.

Supercharge your Skills

PMI, our chapters, and regional partners will showcase product solutions, services, and promotions that will help you be a true changemaker.

Next Episode

Supercharge your Skills

  • Thursday, May 6th 6 PM-9 PM EST
  • Friday, May 7th 6 PM-9 PM EST
  • Saturday, Sábado May 8th 9 AM- 1 PM EST
  • Sessions will be held only online. There’s no access OnDemand
  • Provides 11 PDUs (Professional Development Units) – 4 Technical, 4 Strategic y 3 Leadership
  • During the event, we will showcase products, solutions, services, and promotions about PMI and LATAM chapter membership, Disciplined Agile, ACP y Wicked Problem Solving.

7 Relevant Topics

  • Hyperagility
  • Leadership in Agile environments
  • OKR and agile metrics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Design Thinking & Agility
  • Organizational Agility
  • Agile Portfolio

3 Industry Panels

  • IT
  • Telecomm
  • Financial Services


Paulo Caroli

Seja firme na visão, mas flexível nos detalhes

Maria Matarelli

Permission to Play

Alistair Cockburn

Permission to Play


Mark Lombardi-Nelson

Permission to Play


Jorge Silva

10 PINES – Cómo funciona una empresa sin Jefes

Scott Ambler

Bonus Fishbowl – Organizational Agility


Yaravi Cardoze

Spanish Moderator, May 6th

Mario Trentim

Portuguese Moderator, May 6th

Christian Arias

Spanish Moderator, May 7th

Fábio Cruz

Portuguese Moderator, May 7th

Alberto Domínguez

Spanish Moderator, May 8th

Gino Terentim

Portuguese Moderator, May 8th

PMI LATAM Changemakers Initiative is a complimentary event for PMI Latin American members. As limited seats are available we encourage reservation to those who can fully participate during the entire event.

This event is also available to other organizati0ns by invitation. Are you a Changemaker in any of the industries of this episode but not yet a member of PMI Latin America? Contact us at latam@pmi.org and tell us what makes you a changemaker and why you should be part of the event, so we can extend an invitation to you.

Youth Session
ACK logo orange-02 new
  • Agility Champions Kids takes place in parallel with Agility CHAMPIONS
  • Designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old
  • 2 hours session
  • Kids will learn project management skills, leadership, teamwork, and agile principles by participating in games and activities customized to their age group
  • Registration for children is separate from Agility CHAMPIONS
  • Limited to 100 seats in Spanish and 100 seats in Portuguese.
  • IMPORTANT: There are certain participation restrictions detailed on the registration site, such as that a responsible adult must accompany children between 5 and 7 years old to provide technological support. PMI will not use or disclose the minors’ names, images, or any other element related to their participation in a public or private manner.
Regional Partners
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Chapters participating in this episode